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Greggs Bakery Apprenticeships
Posted: 22/03/2013.

Company: Greggs
Shot type: Apprenticeship
Starts: 05/12/2013
Application deadline: 25/01/2014
Sorry, this opportunity has expired

Shot Description

Everyone who works their magic in any of our bakeries, warehouses, at our savoury plant, or behind the wheel of one of our delivery lorries is part of our Bakery Team. As you'd imagine, there's a lot going on… Layers of pastry turned into sausage rolls. Flour turned into bread. Wholemeal loaves packaged. Chocolate muffins loaded onto lorries. Daily fresh deliveries to all of our shops. And much, much more. 
Our bakeries are big operations, with great teams of people working together to create great-tasting food. Traditional craft bakers proudly working to produce fresh bread, rolls and cakes – they're all freshly made, right here, every single day. 
It's a hard day's work and through it all, you'll find there's a great atmosphere around the place. Equally, there are lots of opportunities to move into another area. Or perhaps you’ll decide you want to train to become one of our brilliant Team Leaders or Supervisors. 
Sorry, this opportunity has expired

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