Great brands use Slenky to connect with young people

Home to international companies, national organisations and regional councils across the UK. There’s a place for your business on Slenky.

Post your Shot

Share your opportunity on Slenky in 3 easy steps:

1. Personalise your Brand profile
2. Link your ‘Passions
3. Add a description of your opportunity

Then you’re ready to hit publish and interact!

Amplify your brand

Increase your brand awareness with young users.

Slenky helps make your content ‘social’.

By giving your brand a different feel, you’ll see authentic engagement from new followers, influencers and communities.

Measure your impact

Get real-time data and insights that help you make better decisions about your brand.

Identify trends (by age, gender, location) to get the most out of your Shots.

And make more meaningful connections with new audiences.

Reach Talent You Couldn’t Reach Before

Slenky is a digital experience platform that helps you connect and engage with talented young audiences, aged 13-24. Purpose-built for logged-in lifestyles.

Instead of waiting for young people to come to you, Slenky takes you to where they are. 

Put Passion First

Young people search based on their interests and passions. Slenky then matches them with your brand experiences, jobs, opportunities and events.

So you can find your future brand-builders. And enrich your talent pool.

What’s a ‘Shot?’

Training, apprenticeships, events and more. Slenky takes your brand opportunities and turns them into ‘Shots’. Bite-sized interactions with your brand.

Think: content popcorn.  Using the power of social media to keep your brand relevant and accessible. Slenky makes it easier for young people to explore their interests, get involved with your business, and keep coming back for more.

  • Personalise your brand impact
  • Share across multiple social channels
  • Ignite their Passions and interests

The Missing Link

Developed with young people, for young people. Slenky bridges the gap, making your business’ opportunities accessible to everyone.

Shots to date

Community Built

We work with young start-ups to target specific groups, locations, and future brand ambassadors. They help us attract young audiences and demystify opportunities. So our larger partners can get in on the fun too.

Regional stakeholders also support Slenky with events, hospitality and reach to their audiences (schools, colleges and universities, Chamber of Commerce)

Smart Insights

What do young audiences think of your brand? Track, measure and improve your engagement with meaningful data and user insights.

Relevant Connections

Target users by location through our local and regional hubs. And interact directly with perfect-fit candidates in your area.

Branded Hubs

Appeal to a digital generation through personalised brand hubs. Show your business in a different light.

Diverse Audience

Get access to talent from every background. Remove barriers and engage with young people you’ve been struggling to reach.

Content Control

Manage your content in a couple of clicks with our easy-to-use dashboard. And get hands-on support when you need it.

Trusted Network

Be part of something bigger. Join a collective of organisations and partner hubs all making a difference to young people’s lives.

  • “Slenky has been absolutely brilliant in bringing young people from across the UK to SKY Academy to take part in our Skills Studios Experience.

  • “Regarding our hub on Slenky, it has been brilliant for us to watch the experiences that they have been through and it has been a pleasure for us to be a part of it…”

  • “We want to attract young people from a wide variety of backgrounds to make a difference in our business and their lives. If we could work together to get every business of our size to do the same, imagine the difference we could make!”


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