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Internships at BlackBerry
Posted: 15/01/2013.

Company: BlackBerry
Starts: 20/08/2013
Application deadline: 30/11/2013
Sorry, this opportunity has expired

Shot Description

If you want to do great things, it helps if you have a place to do them. Research In Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry, is that kind of place. Ours is an environment of innovation, freedom and continual development. We’re always striving to be better and always looking for new ways to do things.

As an intern, you’ll work on exciting projects alongside people who are committed to pushing themselves, and you, to be better. The work will be challenging, exciting and both personally and professionally rewarding.

Internships in the UK are for 1 year as part of your University Year In Industry. Applications for 2014 open in September 2013.

Sorry, this opportunity has expired

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